PRODUCTION : 1901 - 1971

Founded in Schiedam in 1901 by Willem Hasekamp, who had travelled to Africa and recognised a market for a quality liquor in regions such as Ghana in West Africa.

The distillery commenced with 6 employees and grew to 1,000 at the peak of production before the outbreak of World War 1.

The company produced its own glass bottles, including "hand blown" bottles in the traditional tapered square variety that we all recognise as the "case gin", typically produced in the earlier prolific period from 1850 - 1880.

The HASEKAMP company was absorbed by HENKES in 1971.

For the gin bottle collector, HASEKAMP has some desirable items to collect including :

CURLEW - pictorial seal featuring CURLEW

W. HASEKAMP - pictorial seal featuring HARE (clear glass  and rarer green glass)

W. HASEKAMP - pictorial side panel featuring HARE (clear glass  and rarer green glass examples)

THE STARLING BRAND - pictorial seal featuring STARLING

SWORD & WREATH - pictorial seal featuring a SWORD and WREATH

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